Volvo S90 Concierge is Dedicated to You

Designed around the feedback of real Volvo customers, there’s now an entirely new way to shop for your own all-new Volvo S90. The Volvo S90 Concierge is an online tool that you can use to research, customize, and order the all-new Volvo S90. It has available chat features, so you can consult with someone while you design your S90, and it will let you know when your car has shipped from Sweden, even giving you an estimated arrival date for when you can expect to pick it up from a Volvo dealership of your choice.

As the auto industry changes, Volvo demonstrates time and time again that it is leading that change and staying relevant in market subject to such frequent reorganization and trends. The Volvo S90 Concierge is meant to be a more personal online experience, with someone available via chat, phone, or email to address almost any need or desire regarding the purchase of your new S90 sedan. You can make alterations to your order, too, if you change your mind on the color, for example. Upon arrival to the customer’s dealership of choice, Volvo S90 Concierge can have your vehicle configured to your own personal settings, like radio stations or software apps.

“We wanted to make the online experience more personalized. Cars are not your average online purchase. We believe luxury consumers of today will appreciate having a personal contact that helps you understand your options and the process. The Volvo Concierge concept is developed based on Volvo customer feedback from previous e-commerce solutions, so truly designed around their needs and a good complement to our retail experience.” –Lex Kerssemakers, President and CEO of Volvo Car USA.

The S90 will be available in dealerships beginning in summer, but you can order it online through the Volvo S90 Concierge before then. The Concierge will keep you up to date on what’s happening with your new S90 and let you know when you can expect to take delivery of it. While this feature isn’t available on any other models, here at Pedersen Volvo, it’s exciting to glimpse such a futuristic way to shop for a car. The in-person experience is not going the way of the dodo, however, so you still have every reason to come on into our Fort Collins showroom to check out our great selection of Volvo models. Be sure to check back with us early summer for the S90 if you haven’t ordered yours from the Volvo S90 Concierge by then!

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