Volvo’s Child Seats are Rear Facing but Forward Thinking

The year was 1964 when Volvo first began testing the rear-facing child car seat. Jump forward to today, and the research is firmly on the side of rear-facing car seats. That principal sits at the heart of Volvo’s new line of child seats, designed in partnership with Britax. The new seats are more comfortable for children to sit in, with the hope being they actually want to stay in them.

The new line of child seats will feature two rear-facing seats, an Infant Seat and Child Seat, as well as one forward-facing Booster Seat for older or larger kids. Part of Volvo’s vision for the future says that no person should be killed or injured while traveling on a Volvo vehicle by the year 2020, and this new line of superior child seats is one rung on the ladder to that goal.

“Our focus is on ensuring that young children travel in the safest manner possible, depending upon their size and age. This means rearward-facing up to the age of at least 3 or 4 years and after that with child seats or booster cushions up to 140 cm in height. The safety benefits are unquestionable, yet many parents unwittingly allow their children to sit forward-facing too early. One of the many reasons quoted for this is comfort – the child complains that there is not enough legroom, or is too warm due to the upholstery. We believe that children will be more comfortable in our rearward-facing new seat and that this will encourage parents to keep their children rearward-facing for longer. This will have a direct impact on overall child safety and support our Vision 2020, where no one will be killed or seriously injured in a Volvo car by the year 2020.” said Lotta Jakobsson, Adjunct Professor, PhD and Senior Technical Leader, Injury Prevention at Volvo Cars Safety Centre

At Pedersen Volvo, we know that safety is the top priority for families, and we want to make sure our customers are both safe and confident on the road. For any families in the Fort Collins, CO area looking to upgrade their daily driver, consider the practical and the luxurious, consider a Volvo. And if you’ve got any small children, be sure to ask someone from our team about how you can place an order for the perfect child safety seat for your growing bundle of joy.

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