Meet Volvo's New Compact 40 Series

With the 2017 V90 Cross Country coming this fall, Volvo's 90-series will finally be rounded out with SUV, wagon, and sedan models. Now that it has completed its upgrading of its flagship line, characterized by upscale elegance and larger-sized vehicles, Volvo is turning its attention in a completely different direction.

The Volvo 40 series used to be just like other Volvo models, only at a smaller scale. Two 40-series concepts were just unveiled in Gothenburg this spring, and show an entirely different plan for Volvo's future.

Built on the all-new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform, the small crossover and sedan concepts brought a vibrant, dynamic, and -- dare we say -- quirky personality to the otherwise business-formal Volvo stable.

"Each member of our product family has its own distinct character, just like the members of a real family," said Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President of Design at Volvo. "CMA has helped us to capture something special, something youthful in our new concept cars. They have an energy, a disruptive and engaging urban character that makes them stand out amongst the crowd. This is the flavor of small Volvos to come."

These compact models are due for production release in 2017, so check back at Pedersen Volvo for more news!

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