Volvo's Latest Cross Country Model will be the Most Elegant Yet

Volvo has been manufacturing Cross Country variants of its models for about 20 years. In all that time, Volvo has built up experience delivering what people want -- lifestyle-oriented luxury cars.

You desire a refined driving experience, with all of the latest industry advances, and a comfortable and sophisticated interior. That doesn't mean you want a vehicle so fancy it can't get its wheels dirty if the occasion calls for it.

If you plan to spend the weekend at the ski lodge, you want a car that can handle steep slopes, deep snow, and winding, slippery backroads. The 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country will get you there in style (and without white-knuckling the steering wheel!).

Developed in Sweden, a country with some of the harshest winters in the world and a landscape that is nearly 80 percent forest and lake, the V90 Cross Country is right at home in Fort Collins. It shares the same Scalable Product Architecture platform as the rest of the flagship Volvo 90 series, and promises to be the most elegant and luxurious Cross Country model Volvo has ever made.

The 2017 V90 Cross Country is scheduled to join our new inventory this fall, so check back soon with Pedersen Volvo to find out more about bringing this incredible all-road wagon home.

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