Synthetic Oil or Conventional Oil-Which One Should You Use?

Synthetic oil versus conventional motor oil-which one is better? It really all boils down to your driving style and needs. First off, synthetic oil is the prime oil. The top of the top oil. It delivers the best lubrication, protection, and durability. It is really the one that most people are using these days and manufacturers are starting to require that their vehicles use synthetic oil.

However, you can get away with using a conventional motor oil, if you have a late-model, low mileage vehicle that you drive for the occasional errands or that you drive at relaxed speeds. Otherwise, stick to the full synthetic oil. You can, if you want, go with a synthetic blend, which is good for those of us who don't want to fully commit to a straight synthetic oil but want a little extra performance and protection. But check your owner's manual to be sure, or stop by our dealership!

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