Pump Up the Music in the Volvo XC40

Enjoy your music how it was meant to be heard in the new Volvo XC40. This popular luxury subcompact SUV has an impressive standard sound system. If you want something a bit more powerful, you can also upgrade your Volvo at Pedersen Volvo with a premium system.

Drivers in Fort Collins will love the High Performance audio system. It has eight different speakers. Those speakers are strategically placed throughout the cabin to make the most out of the vehicle's natural acoustical properties. The system also includes subwoofers with Air Woofer technology. They're installed behind the dash for some extra space.

The premium sound Harman Kardon Premium system has 13 speakers. They're fine-tuned to deliver crisp audio that sounds authentic and lively. It also has a couple of subwoofers to create a booming sound. The woofers are air-ventilated for better performance. Instead of loud and muddled sound, the woofers are powerful and precise.



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