Windshield Wipers Maintenance

When we conduct regular maintenance on our vehicle, we check the things that we are often aware of, such as the fluid levels and conditions, tires, belts and hoses. However, things like windshield wipers often go unnoticed and unchecked until we encounter a problem. When it comes to windshield wipers, though, finding out you have a problem usually happens when it is pouring down rain while you are driving.

Windshield wipers can become worn from the pressure against the windshield when they are in motion. The sun can age the rubber, and the air will oxidize it. The metal blades can also become rusted. You should check the wipers periodically and replace them if they are damaged, before you need them.

If your windshield wipers need replacing, bring your vehicle in to our Volvo parts center in Fort COllins, and we can replace them easily, ensuring that they will be properly synchronized in the process. If you need any other services for your automobile, we can provide these as well.

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